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CLICK the X above to view an insightful video https://youtu.be/Q9KIjC7pmzc   It is the horse that gives us a glimpse into our selves.  We can choose to listen. respond and grow or stay the same.  Horses have taught me far more about themselves then any trainer was able too.  I respect and honor all my mentors including the every remarkable horse that has changed my view on horsemanship. From start to finish it takes consistency, dedication and a whole lot of feel and the understanding of how to develop that feel into your horse.  All...

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WHAT breaks and makes a horse is the rider’s intent. WHEN you get up in the morning with plans to ride, be sure you think about what you would like to accomplish with your horse that day. Have a plan and make a clear decision as to how to accomplish what you intend to teach your horse that day. It could be simply to teach, not to rush through a gate, slow the walk or to create a calm down cue. What ever it might be you need to plan the your lesson. Off course the horse is a big factor. You may find yourself asking; Will he understand...

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Horsemanship by Michaella

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Horsemanship by Michaella

True Horsemanship comes down to TIMING- the most important element for a horse.

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Here are a few articles you might be interested in reading.  You can browse through www.horsenaroundthemountains.com archives to find lots of good reads.  ...

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“Think Like a Horse” Johnson County 4H Clinic

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“Think Like a Horse” 4H Clinic was a complete success for all the youth participants and their horses.  Everyone was a  winner in one category or another. Everyone excelled beyond my expectations. This was definitely a weekend I think everyone will remember for a long time.  Hopefully the skills learned in ‘Think Like A Horse”  will be added and used on a daily bases, or when ever they are able to work with their horse. First off, I want to thank Sarah Hume for working so hard to bring this “Think Like A...

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Johnson County 4-H Leader Clinic “Think Like a Horse”

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I have to commend the Johnson County 4H Leaders Clinic for being so organized.  Everyone pitched in and learned what they needed to know to help at the “Think Like a Horse”  Clinic offered to  Jonson County 4Hers next month.  We here at Michaella Walker Horsemanship are looking forward to instilling skill, in these horse loving youths, that  will help them stay safe and grow into some of our great horsemen of the future. Some of the older 4H members excelled at the one hand stop, slowing speeds on a horse that charges &...

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One of my customers asked me to, “Define Frequency pertaining to your use with the horses.” This was my answer.  Science has been doing a lot of discovery in this area for a few years now.  Answers to a lot of questions are being answered with this knowledge.  Our energy can be so effective in so many ways.  We just need to learn to channel it. Answer:  Good Question.  It’s a big subject and that is why I’m giving a lecture on it at the HHF & Expo.  First it is important to understand HOME Frequency.  The frequency...

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The Divine Mirror

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Have you considered the Divine Mirror? We as horsemen and women must learn how to capture the mind, influence the instincts and work with their God given traits in order to develop a calm, collected, and domesticated horse. The objective is to keep the horse processing as a herd animal when ever you work together. My intent is to always work in a quiet, consistent fashion around and with my horses so I can develop herd value.  This puts me in the herd as a trusted and valuable entity. I use an organized process of intent to communicate with a...

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Waiting for Your Horse to Ask the Question

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We forget sometimes that it is important to keep the spirit of the horse a part of our training.  I’ve heard people say, “My horse is really spirited I need him to settle down.  I would just like him to listen to me.”  I agree a well trained, trusting and respectful steed is what everyone is looking for.  Yet there comes a place in the training where a person can get to repetitious and drown out the spirit, replacing it with a numbness. A horse will become perfect in his own abilities as we steadily move forward consistently...

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Sometimes I realize the value of being a coach when I have a clinic like the one with RED HAT AND PURPLE CHAPS lady’s.  These lady’s have a true love for their horses and the  diligence to to carry through a learning process that isn’t always easy.  I was truly amazed at their rate of picking up the feel.   Their horses responded with ease and comfort.  The relationship between horse and human started having reason, purpose and consistancy.  Combining a feel the horse understands with the focus on influencing the feet, made...

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