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True Horsemanship comes down to TIMING- the most important element for a horse.


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Here are a few articles you might be interested in reading.  You can browse through archives to find lots of good reads.

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“Think Like a Horse” 4H Clinic was a complete success for all the youth participants and their horses.  Everyone was a  winner in one category or another. Everyone excelled beyond my expectations. This was definitely a weekend I think everyone will remember for a long time.  Hopefully the skills learned in ‘Think Like A Horse”  will be added and used on a daily bases, or when ever they are able to work with their horse.

First off, I want to thank Sarah Hume for working so hard to bring this “Think Like A Horse” 4H Clinic to fruition.  A big thanks to Johnson County for putting their faith in Michaella Walker Horsemanship skill building techniques and the people in our organization.   Last, but very much not least, we thank each and every person that helped along the way, leaders, helpers, Melissa, Art, Ben, Karen and all the parents that support their children in this equine experience “Think Like a Horse“.

The greatest moment for me was when the horse and youth handler were able to achieve ONE FOOT AT A TIME over the threshold standing 10 feet away from their horse.  The horse on one end of the lead rope and the youth at the other, they guided their horses over the threshold with a mere lift of a hand and stopped them with a drop of the hand.  Backed them by rocking the halter across the nose while standing 6 to 8 feet away on the other side of the threshold.  It was truly remarkable to see these kids handling their horses in such a professional manner.   Kudos to all that achieved a more Michaella Walker 4H Clinicresponsive and respectful horse in this section of the course.

In the obstacle course section these youth horsemen were able to start training their horses to except and concur obstacles that their horse had never seen before.  Not only did they instill confidence in their horses, but also in themselves.  By the time the Challenge Course and Competition came on Sunday. everyone soared in the areas they had been working on.  There was not one person that walked away without an award.  One of the most outstanding moments was on Sunday morning when everyone learned to trust their horse enough to ground tie them and move 6 to 10 paces away for five minutes.  We all clapped and there was only one horse that moved.  Yes. all the horses stood like rocks proving that slowing down, teaching one step at a time, and staying consistent, can and will, not only improve the relationship with your horse but put you in the leadership role as Alpha Mare or Boss Horse.

These kids are so fortunate to be able to have horses, be able to learn and grow through the tremendous amount of support they are getting from the Johnson County 4H Club.  Keep the good work up and if any of you have questions on horse training or lessons feel free to call me at: 812-583-1271.

Please feel free to share your ‘Think Like a Horse” Clinic experiences right here on this blog.  Good Luck at the shows.


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I have to commend the Johnson County 4H Leaders Clinic for being so organized.  Everyone pitched in and learned what they needed to know to help at the “Think Like a Horse”  Clinic offered to  Jonson County 4Hers next month.  We here at Michaella Walker Horsemanship are looking forward to instilling skill, in these horse loving youths, that  will help them stay safe and grow into some of our great horsemen of the future.

Some of the older 4H members excelled at the one hand stop, slowing speeds on a horse that charges & managing the feetGroundwork at Michaella Walkers 4H Leader Clinic one at a time through difficult but fun obstacles.  I am happy to say these 4H helpers along with the great leadership qualities of Sarah Hume will be well appreciated at the “Think Like a Horse” Clinic at the Johnson County 4H Fair grounds  May 18th and 19th.

Sarah and I have developed a course that will help everyone to achieve their goals in a fun and positive way that can be accomplished on whatever level the rider is ready to challenge.  This clinic is about personal growth.  Every one of you are at a personal level of riding and learning about the horse.  A good horseman never rushes the process of working with his horse.  This is your chance to partner up with your equine friend and start thinking like a horse to make your rides winning rides for you and your horse.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.  If you should have any questions on our 4H program please comment on the blog post below.

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One of my customers asked me to, “Define Frequency pertaining to your use with the horses.”

This was my answer.  Science has been doing a lot of discovery in this area for a few years now.  Answers to a lot of questions are being answered with this knowledge.  Our energy can be so effective in so many ways.  We just need to learn to channel it.

Answer:  Good Question.  It’s a big subject and that is why I’m giving a lecture on it at the HHF & Expo.  First it is important to understand HOME Frequency.  The frequency within yourself.  How to manage it .  When dealing with an emotional animal like the horse, that is 24/7 in tune with his and all the frequencies around him because his very life depends on the vibrations he picks up, we must be certain to come to them with a vibration that carries a frequency that can entangle with theirs without bringing out  fear.  Our energy is constantly entangling.  Scientists have proven that all things are made up of energy therefore they vibrate, therefore they have a frequency.  I hope I will see you at the HHF & Expo.  This is going to be an informative lecture on the science of frequency dynamics.  It will inspire as it excites.  Everyone will want to go home and try it on their horses.


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