Horsemanship by Michaella

True Horsemanship comes down to TIMING- the most important element for a horse.



  1. Onvetta Herrin

    Daily contact. Coming in for feed and putting on fly masks and spraying. Leading in and out, cleaning feet, a gentle face rub, or a ‘move over’ nudge.The day in/day out contact makes a big difference.

  2. Maggie

    I have noticed that my sessions with my horses go much better if I am the right frame of mind when I start. I need to be wanting to do it, rested, and happy. Otherwise all my tension transfers to the horse and things don’t go as well. If I try to rush a session just because I feel obligated to do something that day, I get much less accomplished than if I just put it off until another time. My horses deserve the best of me and that is what I try to give them.

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