Johnson County 4-H Leader Clinic “Think Like a Horse”

I have to commend the Johnson County 4H Leaders Clinic for being so organized.  Everyone pitched in and learned what they needed to know to help at the “Think Like a Horse”  Clinic offered to  Jonson County 4Hers next month.  We here at Michaella Walker Horsemanship are looking forward to instilling skill, in these horse loving youths, that  will help them stay safe and grow into some of our great horsemen of the future.

Some of the older 4H members excelled at the one hand stop, slowing speeds on a horse that charges & managing the feetGroundwork at Michaella Walkers 4H Leader Clinic one at a time through difficult but fun obstacles.  I am happy to say these 4H helpers along with the great leadership qualities of Sarah Hume will be well appreciated at the “Think Like a Horse” Clinic at the Johnson County 4H Fair grounds  May 18th and 19th.

Sarah and I have developed a course that will help everyone to achieve their goals in a fun and positive way that can be accomplished on whatever level the rider is ready to challenge.  This clinic is about personal growth.  Every one of you are at a personal level of riding and learning about the horse.  A good horseman never rushes the process of working with his horse.  This is your chance to partner up with your equine friend and start thinking like a horse to make your rides winning rides for you and your horse.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there.  If you should have any questions on our 4H program please comment on the blog post below.

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  1. I love horse riding. We had friends to that owned four horses that we could ride growing up. This brings back a lot of memories.

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