One of my customers asked me to, “Define Frequency pertaining to your use with the horses.”

This was my answer.  Science has been doing a lot of discovery in this area for a few years now.  Answers to a lot of questions are being answered with this knowledge.  Our energy can be so effective in so many ways.  We just need to learn to channel it.

Answer:  Good Question.  It’s a big subject and that is why I’m giving a lecture on it at the HHF & Expo.  First it is important to understand HOME Frequency.  The frequency within yourself.  How to manage it .  When dealing with an emotional animal like the horse, that is 24/7 in tune with his and all the frequencies around him because his very life depends on the vibrations he picks up, we must be certain to come to them with a vibration that carries a frequency that can entangle with theirs without bringing out  fear.  Our energy is constantly entangling.  Scientists have proven that all things are made up of energy therefore they vibrate, therefore they have a frequency.  I hope I will see you at the HHF & Expo.  This is going to be an informative lecture on the science of frequency dynamics.  It will inspire as it excites.  Everyone will want to go home and try it on their horses.



  1. Bobby Downs

    It is very true that horses can pick the finest vibrations that we often can overlook. In fact, I believe that they are more in-tune with these vibrations than their owners. That’s why we see them respond accordingly to us even if we don’t directly command them.
    I also believe that those riders who are finely tuned with their frequencies and that of their horses are the best pairings in horse riding.
    Looking forward to your lecture to frequency dynamics!

  2. Bobby Downs

    This is quite a new perspective. I always thought animals only come near to you because your scent is familiar and some other natural occurrence.
    Then, I stumbled at this article and I noticed that they guide themselves by their emotions and gravitate towards other beings capable of such.
    This all makes horse riding all the more interesting as you are guiding a beast that can think and feel as much as you (though I’m not saying I think of them as mindless and dumb before).
    Looking forward to hearing about your take on man-to-animal relationships.

    • Michaella

      So glad you liked this article. It can be very helpful if you apply it to all your horses. Their instincts make them much more aware then us so their frequency level are much more in touch with their surroundings. If you have any questions or need help feel free to ask. Thanks Bobby.

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