The Divine Mirror

Have you considered the Divine Mirror?

We as horsemen and women must learn how to capture the mind, influence the instincts and work with their God given traits in order to develop a calm, collected, and domesticated horse.

The objective is to keep the horse processing as a herd animal when ever you work together. My intent is to always work in a quiet, consistent fashion around and with my horses so I can develop herd value.  This puts me in the herd as a trusted and valuable entity.

I use an organized process of intent to communicate with a horse.  Remember a horse’s senses and awareness are much more acute then ours, thus our encounters with the horse many times are interpreted as an assault rather than what we intended it to be.  The horse senses our energy and simply processes it as aggressive, predator or valued herd energy.  The horse doesn’t see the big picture like we do.  We think in terms of what we want the horse to do rather then how do we create a partnership by making our idea the horse’s idea.

To be truly successful in your dealings with a horse you must consider the horse. This is done with intent and intent is energy processed.  A clear mind works best.  If you come into the horse’s awareness space with a nervous, mad or frustrated energy he will mirror your emotions.  Your horse will will be your divine mirror.

The idea of conceptualizing our thoughts and behavior in terms of their energetic content may seem a bit strange at first.  Once we start understanding the reactions of the horse are directly linked to our energy levels and our intent, then we can recreate our relationship with the horse through a language that he understands.Toby and Michaella Walker

In my training, every intention is focused, executed, and released.  I move from one intention to the next as I extend my dominate frequency as the Alpha horse.  This is how I motivate the horse, with a language the horse understands and trusts. I stay consistent as I work with the horse’s natural responses to build trust and respect.

I use these methods to get true collection.  I teach the horse to be collected from the rear forward by using a series of exercises that include lateral flexion, backing in a rounded, supple manner, and Top Line Yoga.  I concentrate on moving the horse in a balanced and rounded manner in order to achieve true collection on the ground.  This translates into the saddle naturally since the horse already has the muscle memory ingrained in him.

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  1. Colt Robert Downs

    Another great article. I always believed that we have an impact on all the things we interact with. With horses being emotional and sentimental creatures, it would be natural for them to mirror how we convey our feelings.
    I have lost count as to how many times I saw how the riders is so in tuned with the horse to the point that the the horse is reflecting their rider’s emotions.
    An aggressive rider leads to a scared and angry horse while a gentle rider makes them submissive yet cheerful whenever their rider is around.
    This perspective in horse riding is just what we need to be reminded of from time to time. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    • Michaella

      It makes me feel so good when someone, like you Colt, is so in tune to what’s going on between them and their horse. If only we could be as pure and fleeting with our emotional state as the horse is, the horses in our world would be much better off. I have found, the more a person can be completely present with the horse they are with the better the results as far as building a profound partnership. I think this is why clinics and workshops work so well for building the horse human relationship. I’d like to hear more about you and your horses experience.

  2. Connie Ford

    Great article, Michaella. Horses, offer us an opportunity to see ourselves in ‘divine mirrors,’ reflecting back the energy we give off in our own emotions, to show ourselves ‘in the moment’. They are perfect teachers because they see what’s holding us back, and when we find the ‘courage’ to confront those shortcomings, horses will always reward us with a way to overcome them

    • Michaella

      Thanks Connie. Your right the rewards are amazing. Someone once said for those of us that are always drawn to the horse there is a different gene in us. I think if someone was going to name that gene it would be the receptive gene. Your words ring ever so true. God Bless. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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