Sometimes I realize the value of being a coach when I have a clinic like the one with RED HAT AND PURPLE CHAPS lady’s.  These lady’s have a true love for their horses and the  diligence to to carry through a learning process that isn’t always easy.  I was truly amazed at their rate of picking up the feel.   Their horses responded with ease and comfort.  The relationship between horse and human started having reason, purpose and consistancy.  Combining a feel the horse understands with the focus on influencing the feet, made so much sense to each riders horse,  they were all riding in halters and effectively exicuting the one hand stop before we broke for lunch the first day.

Kelly Ankney, the Equine Energy clinician and founder of Equine Energies, gave us a very understandable and easy to use lesson on TOP LINE YOGA.  Kelly and I have worked closely together for a few years now creating a ride check and energy balance technique that can be executed by a rider with his or her horse, with in fifteen minutes, before mounting.  This ALPHA MARE TECHNIQUE NOT ONLY PUTS YOU IN THE LEADERSHIP STATUS WITH YOUR HORSE, BUT ALSO EFFECTIVELY ESTABLISHES HERD VALUE.  Which is, an essential key to the human horse  partnership.


  1. Lona Huffman

    This is an awesome clinic. As one of our newer clinics it is being praised by everyone that attends. The difference in rider and horse from the beginning to the end is remarkable!

  2. Karen Humphreys

    Michaella got me out of my comfort zone and trying new ideas. That to me is a sign of a good teacher, I had never been brave enough to ride w only a halter. With her guidance, I tried it and it wasn’t as scary as I envisioned. Great clinic.

  3. Thanks for the tips on horse health, and training. My horses are my life, in fact, I have been accused of loving them more than my family. Which I suppose is sad. I appreciate your information on where to find the best help for my wonderful creatures. Who knew that I could get yoga for my horses, but I guess they need to be worked and stretched just as any human being does. I will definitely look into getting the best care for my beloved babies. Thanks again.

  4. Trinity Hamilton

    Just finished a obstacle clinic with Michaella in Arizona at Karen Babcocks Horse Nuts Stables. Had a wonderful time. I’ve had the pleasure of attending several clinics with Michaella and she always leaves me wanting to spend as much time as I can with my horse. Way to go Michaella and her great staff!! Trinity Hamilton

  5. Colt Robert Downs

    Had one of the best times of my life at this place. I really wanted to note how helpful the riding tips were.
    Regardless if you have been caring and riding for horses for several years or just discovered them recently, the insightful advice does really improve on the way you treat your horses.
    Plus, who knew that Yoga can be FOR horses, too? It’s safe to say that the way I handled my horses before the clinic and now is very different!

    • Michaella

      Thanks for the kudos It is always nice to hear that there is a horse and rider who are living the dream together. Food for thought; It always starts at the feet and continues with a feel. Happy trails to you and your horse.

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